Message from the web developer

Websites have a critical role to play in our increasing virtual world in connecting businesses with customers, educators with students and resource providers with resource consumers. The front page of your website is the front of house area of your business premises. The menu of your website guides your potential customers around the areas of your business premises that are open to the public. It gets your potential customer to the information he needs to make the purchase decision or to make the actual purchase itself.

I have been creating highly successful websites since 1997 which means I've grown up, so to speak, as a website creator along with the internet growing up. I started when the underlying technologies of a website were very basic and have moved forwards as each new layer of website technology has been added. As a result my website builds always reflect the very latest, fully-accepted web build techniques and are fully compliant with website build standards. They are built to endure and fully function while background internet technologies continue to progress.

Working with the client

At Webshore we are experienced at creating successful web sites that achieve the client's objectives. We do this by listening to the client and learning about the client's business or activity and what they want to offer or put across on their web site. We then draw up a full proposal for the client to look over and approve of.

I understand that for some clients the visual appearance of their website is everything. If you are such a client then I now work with an experienced graphic designer to come up with a website visual design for you. The graphic designer will consult and confer with you in order to come up with a website visual design you agree to and find highly satisfying. In this way, you'll know what the website is going to look like before serious work on buiding the website commences. Of course, there is an extra cost involved in choosing this route but it may well be a worthwhile cost to you.

Easily found web sites

The web sites we build are easily found. People making a search on a search engine like Google and using phrases or words that are highly relevant to a web site we've built will generally find it on the first page of web site listings.

How do we do this? By setting out and presenting the web site's content in a way that is search engine friendly.

Search engines, such as the Google Search Engine, are essential for getting potential customers and clients to you. Search engines use both the underlying structure of your website and the written content of the pages of your website to decide whether to flag your business up to its searchers. If you want potential customers to reach you via seach engines then you've got to have both the underlying website structure and written content of your website done right for your particular business. I know how to do both of these things which is why the websites I develop, build and launch turn out to be highly successful for the client.

Accessible web sites

The web sites we build can be readily viewed by people using a wide variety of internet access methods. Even people viewing on mobile phones or the Wii games console can browse and read our recently built web sites. This is because we design the site with the latest internet use trends in mind. We also ensure that the site is technically correct conforming to the international standards.

Behind your website's visual interface with the public is the underlying website structure. The underlying website structure is like your business' front driveway. It's the roadway bringing traffic from the main internet highway. It is complete with signposts to help internet traffic reach you safely. If you get the underlying website structure wrong or inadequately built it will seriously impede traffic reaching you. You can be sure with a Webshore website that the underlying structure is right!

Mobile web sites

The future of the internet is mobile. People want to access web sites on the move from their mobile phone handsets and other forms mobile communications devices. All our new web sites look great on the small screen and are fully functional to mobile users.

Google has now switched on an algorithm for it's search engine that gives preference to "mobile-friendly" sites whenever a user performs a search on a mobile device. We are currently upgrading all the websites we've built so that they meet the criteria Google has set as "mobile-friendly." Websites that are rated "mobile friendly" by Google will get better (preferential) ranking on searches made from mobile phones.

The Cockatoo gift shop is a good example of one of our web sites built to be fully accessible and usable by mobile users. Please try it on your mobile phone or tablet.

The Cockatoo Gift Shop

Good-looking web sites

Visiting a web site created by Webshore is a pleasant experience. This is because we take care to make our sites easy to move around, easy to read and easy on the eye.

You will also notice from examples in our portfolio that our web sites are built to make full use of the screen. Your web site when built by WebShore will display right across the screen.

Copy writing

If it suits you, we can do all the writing, compiling and gathering of information for you. We are well practiced at writing text that communicates easily and directly with target audiences on the web as well as presenting pages that are effective at accomplishing what you have in mind for them.

Instruct us on what you want to accomplish with your web site, outline any preferences on how you want it accomplished, supply us with any materials you currently have and we will take it from there.

Printable Pages

WebShore pays attention to even how your web pages print out for your visitors.

Web pages on the web sites we build print out conveniently for visitors. Instead of visitors having to put up with printed pages coming out surrounded by content that is irrelevant to their need, our pages print just what the visitor is really interested in.

Easy to maintain

Clients find web sites we've built for them easy to maintain. Our web sites are designed with easy management of content in mind. You will be able to make content changes to your web site over the internet via your browser.

Social Media

If you have a web site you also need to look at social media. Social media can really help your cause. It can increase visitor numbers to your web site, enhance the visitor experience and provide an additional means of getting yourself heard.

For example, Swanbrook Transport Ltd uses Twitter to make urgent announcements about the company bus services. These announcements appear right on their web site. What's more customers can Twitter back right from a space under the announcements. This gives gives a direct social media connection with customers.

The Cheltenham Stay web site uses Facebook as its main social media partner. Cheltenham Stay has a Facebook page which has been given a similar look to its web site. Guests and former guests as well as their friends "like" the page and this gets it known among all their Facebook friends! The Cheltenham Stay Facebook page links to the Cheltenham Stay web site.

If you want social media as part of your web site and its strategy we can set it all up for you. You pick the particular the social media and we'll get you up and running as a business on it. We can then hand it over to you to use as part of your business communications.

Terms of Service

  • I am a UK sole trader, trading under the business name "Webshore." "Webshore" is the name of the business you can engage to develop your business website in the UK.
  • As a UK sole trader, I am a service provider of specific web services. You will find the scope of these services described on my "Webshore" business website.
  • In line with normal UK sole trader practices, I enter into agreements with clients to provide specific services for a specific fee.
  • Following initial consultations and before work commences, I provide a client with a statement of what specific services I am agreeing to provide and giving the cost for the provision of those services. This is set out for the client in a document called "Proposal and Quote."
  • I occasionally provide a client with additional services from within my scope of services (as outlined on my business website) that have not been agreed upon through the document "Proposal and Quote". These can be agreed on and the cost agreed on via an exchange of email messages.