Cost of a web site

Obviously, the cost of a web site varies according to its complexity. However, as a guide, a bespoke web site designed to promote a small business such as a holiday cottage or a bed and breakfast place will cost around £485. This will include ensuring all aspects of good web site functioning are covered from providing web site email accounts to search engine optimisation and even traffic monitoring. The cost will be similar for other businesses but will increase somewhat where specialist pages are required and where more pages than the standard size of 5 or 6 pages are needed.

Please contact us for a quote using the Response Form on the Contact page. Completing the Response Form is also the way to get our phone number so you can call if you prefer to discuss your requirement on the phone.

Yearly charge

Our yearly charge for domain name registration and renewal, web site hosting and site oversight is £75 per year.

We are happy to advise you on selecting a suitable domain name. A domain name, by the way, is the web address that your web site will use.

Social Media

Our charge for setting up - as an enhancement to your web site - a social media stream such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is £45 per stream.

We are happy to advise you on selecting social media streams suitable to your business.

Deposit or payment

Deposits or payments on agreed orders can by made from this site. Use the link below:

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